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Goal 489 tk naked strip

FAV VIBE : 7 / 34 / 66 / 88 / 99 / 112 / 222 / 888 / PVT & C2C always welcome))

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Guys ! NO free requests!! All tips appreciated <3
meme by insomniac77
Tips for showing me true love :shy:
make me happier ;) 555 buy me bottle of good wine <3 2000 buy me bouquet of flowers ;) 1111 just because u really love me 25000 SOMEONE just should do this tip so i pass out ---- 100 000 This would go to my personal Hall of fame and stay deep in my mind as good memory <3
Prize in wheel
85 tks Wheel : BIG PRIZE - BOOBS TEASE, NAKED DANCE, Rub nipples, 10 spanks Flex Dab :D, Flash ass, Flash nose :D, Flash boobs, Sexy dance, Boobs, U tip me 50 tks, Flash nipple, Nothing there:D, Flash booty, Empty xD, show socks, flash feet P.S!! if u get "U tip me 50 tks" and dont do it, i wont do anything next spin, whatever be there 399 tks PREMIUM Wheel : Flash pussy , Boobs tease , Twerk , Naked strip , Lotion/oil boobs , 50 spanks , Doggy style without panties
About Snap and Social Apps
Guys, I use only Snapchat! U can get it with Prince/Lord subscribtion or with tipping 333 tokens tip. I dont have intagram or twitter, or etc Sorry :D Buy it to see daily life except streaming time :tongue: My snap mostly isnt nude!! Yes, sometimes i feel naughty and send nude pics, but most of time i just chat there. Please, remember this when buying my snap! Also, I ban for calling me in snap without my permission. It's just rude, i also have life not only on cam =/ For nude part there is my fan club :wink:
Guys, I respect u so ask for same. 1. I ban for begging and requesting without tip, for being rude. 2. I ban or mute for asking where im from.Sorry guys, but I'm not feeling comfortable anwering this question. If I made my country hidden, this is probably for a reason. I tell only to my close friends on here, if they are curious. 3. I ban users for asking stupid questions like "tits size bb", "long cock or big", "wanna see me 1000 inch cock bb??" etc. Sorry guys but its not what girls want to talk about. 4. And save dirty talks for private show :) It's right place for it. 5. Don't try to promote any other model in my room, u will be banned same minute. 6. I ban for asking if my tits have milk. This is most s t u p i d question ever. NOT all big tits have/had milk there :facepalm: Let's not make each others mood bad and just all have fun there :) I'm open minded so I have very different topics to talk about. Feel free to start talk with me about something interesting ;)
PLEASE READ THIS : Popular questions and my anwers on them
1. How old are u? I'm 22 now. 2. What's ur tits size? 75D, guys 3. Are ur tits natural? Yes, they really are natural. 4. Are ur eyes natural or lins? Yes, they are natural. 5. Show(flash) tits/ass bb? Of course, but u will need to tip first. Prices are in tip menu. 6. Do u speak Spanish? No! n o, nooo Language i speak is written in short description of my bio. It's predictible i probably gonna speak only language i put there. 7. Where are u from? I don't answer this quiestion. It's my own choice if i will answer u or no.
REAL KING OF THE WEEK Who will be my king this week?)
Wall of Fame
Guys, believe in magic
Best Santa so far :flirt:
New goal for future : beat this record
MY WISHES (part 1)
--- DREAM TIP 1111 (done by JDpower123 , better dont wake up devil again,it can be dangerous :D ) --- GET FIRST KNIGHT (done by suckitdry , thank u ^_^) --- Powerful squad of knights :flirt: --- Get first single 3333 tip (done by best man insomniac77 :heart::heart: ) --- Spend an hour of stream in firework patterns rain *OOO* (done by 2_Tapirs_In_A_Trenchcoat :heart::heart: that was a crazy hour lol) P.S. : DONE TWICE, IT WAS AMAZING --- Too crazy,but 7777 tokens tip, why not :D , we all can dream ( it's crazy, but its again 2_Tapirs_In_A_Trenchcoat !!!:heart::heart:) --- Make a real earthquake with lush patterns >:DD (2_Tapirs_In_A_Trenchcoat is the best :flirt:) --- Try something like 1000 15 times in a row, wouldn't it be called token rain wall? (2_Tapirs_In_A_Trenchcoat tons of love and hugs to u :shy: , wishes come true with u)
MY WISHES (part 2)
--- I thought my previous wishes were crazy, but i guess there is no limit and i can dream about whatever, so now i dream about 25 000 tip, i think i should put it later in special place<3 (2_Tapirs_In_A_Trenchcoat guess where he is haha) --- Anyone dare to make me do 1000 spanks :lol: in one day We all know who did this :lol: --- 777 tokens tip rain wall for wishing me luck, need it lately :hideeyes: P.S. : BIGGG dream of every model, and mine too, haha, is to finish monthly model contest in Top 10 around all the models. Maybe it will come true ;)
- i'm 22 - I'm single - My biggest hobby is horseback riding (^_^) - My tastes on music are weird :D it all depend on my mood Adding to rules one more thing : NO, u can't know my real name if i don't wanna tell NO, u can't fucking meet and fuck me, maybe in ur dreams -.- NO, I won't tell u where im from, here are pretty a lot of weirdos, i care about my safety and YES, if u ask me same in pm and than get mad that i didn't answer those questions, don't start ur "fuck off bitch, fuck, etc", this only make u look stupid ;)


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tease ;)
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meow ^.^
hello guys)
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with love to u :*
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Sexy Strip Tease